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2023 Atlantic City Cinefest Awards

Best Music Video: You Better Talk

Best Experimental Film: Closer

Best Animated Film: Hey Woman

Best Music Video New Jersey: Welcome to the Good Times

Best Action Short: Middle City

Best Short Drama: Millie’s Care Free Day

Best Short Documentary: Dangerous Grounds

Best Comedy Horror: The Haunted Baby Carriage From Hell

Best Director Local Short: Melanie Waldman Reconnecting

Best Short Comedy: Higher Grounds

Best Actor, Short Drama: Lukas Hassel, The Prof

Best Actress, Short New Jersey Dramedy: Isabella Bonanno

Best Pilot: Teaching While Black

Best Supporting Actor: Karl Brown, Life & Me

Best Actor Short New Jersey Drama: Chris Orangeo, WITHOUT

Best Actress, Short Local Drama: Julia Belmonte, Pick Up

Best Screenwriter, Short Dramedy: Sri Mirajkar, Mera Daddu

Best Child Actress Feature: Nysai Roberts,  Life & Me

Best Screenwriter Short Local Dramedy: Steve Deery, Dollyville

Best Director, Ensemble Documentary: Allison Prete, Women of Slender Means 

Best Director Short Documentary: Latin Music The Documentary [musical]

Best Director Short Music Video: Jim Hannah, The Signal & the Noise 

Best High School Student Film: Krampus on Campus

Best Supporting Actress: Tam Boyce, Life & Me

Best LGBQT Short: Melanie Waldman Reconnecting

Best Historic New Jersey Documentary, The Great Connector: Hopewell Trail

Best Director, Local Horror Short: Keith Vaile

Best Director Short  Comedy: Joseph Pepitone, The Undesirables

Best Actor in a Short Comedy: Jason Mewes, The Undesirables

Best Feature Film: Life & Me

Best Comedy Feature: It’s Love, Bro

Best Documentary Feature: Con Artists Unveiled

Best Director Feature: Sebastian Foxworth, Life & Me

Best Director Short Film: Robert Haines, A Long Time Gone

Best Family Short: Astronaut

Best Comedy Short Local: A Long Time Gone 

Best Actor Comedy Short: Mark Christopher Lawrence, $tack$

Best Actor, New Jersey Short: Noah Keyishian, A Box of Chocolates 

Best Actress, New Jersey Short: Rachel Ann Jerome, A Box of Chocolates 

Best Director, Short Documentary: Darieus Legg, Stoker Machine

Best Director Feature: Sebastian Foxworth, Life & Me

Best Action New Jersey Short: Den of Dragons Part 1

Best Director, New Jersey Short Documentary, Eric J. Carlson, Sanctuary

Best Drama New Jersey Short: Rookie Card

Best Feature Soundtrack Poppa Foxx, Life & Me

Best Cinematography, Short Comedy, Michael Della Polla, Brute Force

Best Director New Jersey Music Documentary: Donna Roman-Hernandez, Adios Music Village

Best Actor RomCom Short: Karl Brown, Daddy Loves Mommy

Best Screenplay Feature, Peter Panagos, Dress Code

Best Cinematography, Action Short: Joey Mosca, Air B & D

Best Director Short Film: Rob Watt, No Witnesses

Best Actor Short Film: Michael Fidele, The Better Man

Best Actor Feature: Frank Sean Johnson, Life & Me

Best Actress Feature: Jennifer Iky Rothwell, Life & Me

Best Mockumentary: Survivor: The Marky Mirarer Story 

Best Child Actor Feature: Jeremy Saylor, Life & Me

Best Actress Short Film: Kathryn Miller, Millie’s Care Free Day

Best Supporting Actor Short Film: Mark Mantalbano, The Man From Grenada

Best Supporting Actress Short Film: Victoria Stevens, Den Of Dragons Pt 1

Best Child Actor Short Film: Skyler Wenger, Rookie Card

Best Child Actress Short RomCom: Cassidy Blackwell, Daddy Loves Mommy

Best Music Short Film: Holly Hill 

Best Actress Feature: Jennifer Iky Rothwell, Life & Me

Best Feature Dramedy: Dress Code

Best Screenwriter Short Horror: Julie Fergus, Ostinato

Best Children’s Short: Tiger Hunt


Screenplay Competition

Hot Questions 2nd Prize, Short Screenplay Alexander Julian III

Porter's Way Christmas Honorable Mention Feature Screenplay Debra Markowitz

Just Look into my Eyes Best Short Screenplay Debra Markowitz

Long Beach Island Best Feature Screenplay Edson McClellan

Between the Kisses 2nd Prize, Feature Screenplay Joseph DiFrancesco

Tic-Tac-Toe 3rd Prize Feature Screenplay A.J. Ciccotelli

Thursday at Thora's   3rd Prize, Short Screenplay Guthrie Roy Hartford

Wildcats           Honorable Mention, Short Screenplay John Klauder




Atlantic City Cinefest 2023

Ursula Ryan Lifesaver Award 

Sebastian Foxworth


Atlantic City Cinefest 2023

Ursula Ryan Lifesaver Award 

Frank Sean Johnson


Atlantic City Cinefest 2023

Ursula Ryan Lifesaver Award 

Jason Mewes

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