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The 2023 Atlantic City Cinefest Schedule

Screening Locations

Ventnor Square Theatre, 5211 Ventnor Avenue, Ventnor
Fannie Lou Hamer Event Room, Stockton University, 3711 Atlantic Avenue, Atlantic City


Nucky's Kitchen and Speakeasy (5211 Ventnor Ave)

6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The restaurant will have various appetizers available for us. A cash bar will be in place for drinks. If you want more than appetizers, you may order from the dinner menu. Alas, that cost is on you too.


The party is open for all filmmakers, cast and crew. The public may attend if they hold all festival or a daily pass.


Ventnor Square Theater

9:30 to 12:00 a.m.



A Long Time Gone (12:06 min) A man runs into obstacles getting to his date on time.

$tack$ (7:26 min) Unprecedented times force two fierce rivals to come face to face, for the first time in over a decade, to close a deal for the most valuable substance on earth. Featuring the Daytime Emmy nominated performance of Mark Christopher Lawrence as Hector, $TACK$ is a sarcastic plea for every viewer to be responsible for the attitudes, assumptions and judgments buried deep inside themselves. It’s timely message taunts, teases and dares the audience to discover the film’s hidden twists and clues before their own biases and assumptions lead them down the wrong path.

Higher Grounds (16:59 min) On the fateful day intelligent life arrives to destroy Earth, one slacker alien gets sidetracked when he’s smitten with a bitter barista. Suddenly, our survival depends on whether this space-schmuck can get her number, before his plucky partner blows
us sky high. Higher Grounds is a sci-fi comedy that takes an orbital view of life on Earth.

Daddy Loves Mommy (7:30 min) Baby Girl asks her dad to tell her the funny yet romantic story of how he proposed to her mom.

Reconnecting (5:48 min) When love prevails, our connections live on. Melanie Waldman as LOVEY. Melanie lives with EDS & is a right arm amputee, below the elbow. Bethany Aline as LOVER. Bethany lives with Aspergers Syndrome (ASD), Blouts disease, & Cataplexy. Tristan
Basile as THE JERK. Tristan also lives with ASD.

Hey Woman (2:38 min) A young woman’s meteoric rise to glam rock stardom is not what it seems.



Late Night Funfare

No Witnesses (15 min) A hitman's night goes off the rails when a few unlucky people witness him on the job.

Middle City (12 min.) In a city ruled by Orcs, Elves, and Men, the last of a band of sisters risk all for the life of one of their own.

The Undesirables (22:30 min) Michael Cheevers is a slacker who has spent the last ten years of his life working in a mailroom. He has no drive, ambition or potential. After a night of drinking, he accidentally kills himself in a bizarre sexual experiment gone wrong.


Stockton Event Center in Atlantic City

1:00 to 8:00 p.m.


Closer (8:49 min.) An old-school, loud-mouthed Hollywood director (Oliver Cooper) is sent into a frenzy when his artist—international superstar Allen Ling—is late to set. With the Moscow Ballet dropping out at the last minute and Allen’s whereabouts accessible only via pager, “Closer” proves to be a chaotically timeless production in the making.

Stay With Me (24 min) A couple on the brink of collapse experience their last drive home. A story of love, loss, and love lost. We all have our conflicts. We all worry that it's too late. But it's not. Let love be your legacy.

Ostinato (15 min) A woman takes refuge in a strange house, only to find it inhabited by her
worst fears.

Dollyville (8:10 min) Relationships are a balance of give and take, of shared truths and hidden secrets. When Sam reveals to Millicent he knows her secret, their unity is questioned. It's up to Millicent now: does she yield and risk being alone or embrace it in a gamble to ensure they are never alone.

Millie's Care Free Day (9:10 min.) Weighed down and despondent from crushing depression, Millie tries to escape the daily grind by deciding today will be different. However, she must first confront her trauma before it consumes her.

Welcome to the Good Times (6:20 min) The title track from New Jersey artist Chiba Neko's latest album, this visual charmer harkens back to the early days of MTV with its amusing, fun, and light-hearted theme often found in the music videos of that time.

The Signal & The Noise (7:15 min) Music video that tells a story about migration and Cape May, New Jersey's unique location and the new Cape May Point Science Center's desire to study, preserve and protect this place.



Teaching While Black (Pilot) (39:51 min) When a newly minted PhD finds her Brooklyn
neighborhood under siege by urban developers, this hip-hop loving millennial takes the fight straight to the Mid-Western university that’s fueling the gentrification movement. Little does she know the crazy twists and turns her life will take when Teaching While Black.

Con Artists Unveiled (1:10:00 ) "Con Artists Unveiled" is a documentary that delves into the world of scams through interviews with psychologists, victims, and professional scammers and magicians. The film provides a unique perspective on scams, revealing the psychology behind them and the methods used by scammers. Viewers will learn practical advice to protect themselves from falling victim to these fraudulent activities.



WITHOUT (6:40 min) Nathan struggles with his place in life after experiencing a tragic loss

A Woman of Slender Means (47:49 min)  "Women of Slender Means" follows five of the 300
women living at the YWCA Brooklyn. Told with grace and humor, their stories reveal
multidimensional lives of unseen women, as well as overlooked perspectives on the history of the city itself: courageous tales of migration, gentrification, poverty, urban planning, community faith and perseverance.


We meet Frances, a WWII veteran who arrived during the Great Migration, hoping to escape segregation; Ann, an activist who worked at the infamous Willowbrook School, and is a witness to gentrification; Mary, raised by nuns in an orphanage twice burned to the ground by the Ku Klux Klan; Cheryl, a Native American 82nd Airborne veteran who suffers from PTSD; and Wendy, born into privilege and a survivor of violent abuse.

Rookie Card (18:13 min) An introverted teenage boy in the late 1980s grapples with his newly fractured family and the regret of selling a coveted baseball card.

Krampus on Campus (5:06 min) Middletown North's Advanced TV Film Block 1 class decided to work on a project together as a whole class instead of small groups. They went with a Krampus horror short film. Not so well behaved students are preparing for a film festival in their schools TV Studio.



"Holly Hill" (14:39 min) The lives of three couples intertwine one evening at the Holly Hill Motel.

ALMOST Home Alone (7:22 min) The notorious Beer Bandits attempt to strike again on
Christmas Eve night at the Armada Brewery in New Haven, CT. Little do they know someone is waiting for them. A parody and nod to Home Alone.

Robot (5:00 min) Two young women learn that their next door neighbor may not be human after all.

The Black Wraith (01:30.00) A women is accused of murder as she comes face to face with the urban legend Bloody Mary.

*Filmmaker Panel 1 to 2 p.m. Stockton*



Ventnor Square Theater

Morning Screenings 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.



Tiger Hunt (6:53 min) A big game hunter relentlessly stalks a tiger through the jungle and across the plains, ultimately coming face-to-face with his own destiny.

Purpose (15:08 min) A story based on true events, a young American teenager struggles with connecting to his family's cultural perspectives, leading to a major life event, causing an unexpected turn.

Astronaut (5:52 min) An astronaut deals with a rapidly failing spacecraft, leading to a surprising resolution.

Life & Me (1:15:00 min) The story of retired Vet Franklin Jackson (Frank Sean Johnson)
s lost his faith and decides to take his life and the divine intervention from an offbeat
psychologist (Jennifer Iky Rothwell) who tries to show him that even if he feels alone, God's always with him.


Evening Screenings 9:30 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.


You Better Talk (6:02 min) A deeply wounded soul yearns to confront the lingering emotions of her past romance as she navigates the changing seasons, unearthing the depths of her feelings and embarking on a cathartic voyage of self-discovery and healing.

The Man From Granada (14:57 min) An actor must win the lead role in "The Man From
Granada" stage play to capture the heart of the actress he loves.

A Box of Chocolates (20 min) Ron has the opportunity to land a role on the next big streaming series! He just has to nail the audition. To get into character, Ron makes a reckless decision and loses a piece of himself he never thought he"d lose...

It's Love Bro (1:35:00) When recently engaged Jeri starts working with recently dumped Bob, they hit it off. As they struggle to understand their friendship, Jeri's MMA fighter fiancé suspects something.


Ventnor Square Theater

Morning Screenings 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.



The Better Man (6:08 min) At a parole board hearing, James Carter asks for a freedom
he is not certain that he deserves.

The Prof (22:25 min) Famous indie film director, Jack Gallucci, falls from favor. His chance meeting with Marigold McCormack forces him to face the mess he’s made of his career and decide if he has it in him to try again.

Den of Dragons part 1 (13:51 min) After destroying a gang hideout, brothers Billy and Jimmy are on the run from a deadly bounty hunter. The two must find away out of the city while also confronting past demons.

Dangerous Grounds (13:04 min) A documentary about Dr. Cuthbert, a lifelong resident of
Pottstown, Pennsylvania, and his continuing battle to shut down the Limerick Nuclear Power plants due to the health risks it poses to the residents who live near them!


Stoker Machine (12:00 min) Stoker Machine is an award winning animated surf documentary. Chad Campbell, an expert surfer discovers a mysterious surfboard on the big island of Hawaii. The retro board provides only a phone number and an email address as clues to its origin, leading Chad to accidentally uncover a central-coast California surf legend. The man they call, "Stoker".

Picture Perfect (13:11 min) Picture Perfect is a short film about Julia, whose breakfast order becomes a deep revelation of self-identity and expression.


Stockton Event Center in Atlantic City

12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.



Pick-UP (5:14 min) After four years in prison, Sam has an opportunity to reconnect with his younger sister or friend Susanne & hopefully, get his life back on track. Susanne is well- educated and by the book. She is determined to spend the afternoon bonding with her estranged brother.

Latin Music The Documentary (19:37 min.) We are going to show you how the Latin music is impacting on the world , lets listen to the most important music producer of the industry Like Sergio George, Alfredo Matheus, Tonny Succar and more and let them tell us about the careers
and how the got so many Latin Grammys Awards and now the continue to give hits and hits to make the hole world dance.

Mera Daddu (My Grandpa) (19:56 min.) Mera Daddu is a heart-warming story of a grandfather and his orphaned grandson, Aslam. Daddu eeks a meager living by foraging for recyclables from a landfill. They live in a slum, but Daddu has resolved to give Aslam a better future not infested with the rotting life that he has had to live. It is a story of misfortune, love, and triumph with a message of environmental stewardship and social change.

Brute Force (10:58 min)Hollywood – 1946. A film production on the brink of collapse. When an egocentric director butts’ heads with an overreaching cinematographer, the fate of the film falls on the shoulders of its leading man who happens to be playing a Neanderthal.

Sanctuary (19:45 min.) A Jewish farmer in Germany escapes the Nazis with the help of farm animals. His American grandson honors his memory by creating a farm animal sanctuary in Lakewood, New Jersey.


Adios Music Village (48:13 min.) Adios Music Village honors the legacy of Jose 'Joe' Rodriguez the founder of Music Village, the first Latino music shop opened in 1975 in the North Ward of Newark, NJ. For three decades this iconic Puerto Rican entrepreneur grew his successful business domestically and internationally and expanded its delivery of salsa music, instruments, disco and HipHop dance promotions, multimedia and DJ services and branded products. Joe had longtime friendships with some of greatest Latino salsa singers and bands.

Air B & D (14:14 min) An author becomes the target of a sadistic couple at an Air B & B.

The Haunted Baby Carriage From Hell (8:35 min) In this LGBTQ Comedy Horror Short Film, Spencer and Cameron move into a new house that just so happens to be haunted by an old baby carriage. As the carriage endeavors to scare the couple, the attempts ultimately fail
because the couple just doesn't care... like... you know... at all.

"The Great Connector” : The Story of The Lawrence Hopewell Trail (17 min) The film showcases how local governments and big corporations can come together to create something wonderful. Twenty years ago, Ms. Eleanor Horne of Educational Testing Service and Ms. Becky Taylor of Bristol Myers Squibb conceived the idea of a nature trail connecting local communities in Mercer County, New Jersey. Since the early 2000s hundreds of thousands, (if not Millions) of people have walked, biked and hiked the trail. This 22 mile loop is nearly complete and encourages individuals to get outside, enjoy nature and connect with our fellow neighbors. This Mini Documentary serves as a testament to all the great people involved with this marvelous Non-Profit and its tremendous benefit to our community.


Survivor: The Marky Mirarer Story (17:51 min) Survivor: The Marky Mirarer Story is a short mockumentary covering the six-year anniversary of a mysterious aquatic attack that nearly claimed the life of a local college student. As Marky Mirarer reflects on his story of survival, he attempts to gather friends and family to join him in celebration at a show-stopping Commemorative Extravaganza. But not everyone in Marky's life wants to share in the celebration. As his enemies plot against him, will Marky sink? Or will he swim?

Dress Code (01:48:00) Bobby Russo was born into a life of organized crime. A life of secret and lies. As he gets older Bobby realizes that the most dangerous secrets of all, are his own.

*Awards 5 p.m.*

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